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Will a funeral home or cemetery require me to purchase a monument from them?

No, you're under no such obligation. You can always purchase a monument from the place of your choice.

What are some of my monument choices?

You'll be able to choose from an array of shapes, sizes, colors and materials (granite, which can stand up to temperature extremes, is the most popular material for monuments; we also offer marble and bronze monuments).

What are some important things to consider when buying a monument?

You should check if there any monument size restrictions for your cemetery.

We work with several different cemeteries and would be able to help you along the way. 

How much will my monument cost?

A monument's costs will vary based upon its size, material, accessories and more. Please reach out to us for specifics about the type of monument you have in mind.

How can I include meaningful words on this monument?

Just let us know. We can add text, engravings, and decorations so that a monument shows the personality of the individual or couple being memorialized.

Is it possible to order a custom cemetery monument?

Yes, it is. We can either design a fully customized monument, or we can help you create something unique with our style, shape, color, material and engraving options. Talk to us to get started and to receive a price quote

We live out of town and have a plot in Kansas would you still work with us? 

We work with many customers who live out of town. Several customers select the monument they want through this website while others come to our office to select their memorial. We will communicate with you via phone, e-mail, or US mail, whichever you prefer. We will also send you a picture of your memorial once it has been placed in the cemetery. With LeDuc Memorial, you are kept informed every step of the way.


We also can meet with you in the comfort of your home if that is easier on you and your family. 

Your monument purchase is a major purchase and should be well thought-out and considered. Our staff is pleasant, caring, and willing to help guide you through the process of designing the perfect memorial for your loved one. You will be provided drawings of your memorial and given an opportunity to make any changes before any work is completed.

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